They Call Me Paul

Hello, my name is Paul, a media professional based in Cleveland, Ohio, and I love to call this place my home. I have worked in several areas of the local media – from radio to television, both in front and behind the scenes.

Currently, I am a freelance writer, web designer, and photographer, with experience designing and writing company websites, blogs, and e-commerce. Versatile and knowledgeable in several CMS, along with coding languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and C++ – I have the ability to create an array of front-end designs for nearly any purpose.

Front-end development is my specialty, and something I love to do and create. I feel everyone and everything should have an online presence – now more than ever – and am always looking to make our web space even more beautiful.

As a true content creator, I also feel it is imperative to have skills in photography, writing and design. Which I use to enhance my existing work, and supplement new projects.

Recently, I also published my second book, “As the clouds float by,” which can be purchased on Amazon.

Feel free to contact me with any projects you may have!

My Latest Projects

Lately, my projects have been two-fold.

For one thing, I have become acutely aware that photography that FITS your website is incredibly important. For the other, I have found out that life is so much easier when you can actually create these backgrounds yourself! So that’s exactly what I have been doing.

Believe it or not, taking background photos, even textures, is not that difficult, and can liven up any website. You can even make them as abstract as you want! Ironically, the weirder the better.

Great news! My third book is now on sale.

“You & Me” Out now!

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