How Important is the UX of Your Website? Very.

A million times, if not trillions, it has probably been said that UX is essential to all websites.

Every. Single. One.

No matter how big your page, how small, how useful, or how basic it is. If you don’t have the tenets of UX incorporated into your website, you’re failing. So it always confuses me deeply when I see websites for such high-ranking companies have horrendous sites. Even sites from well-established web designers.

So why is UX so essential?

Users Will Have an Instant Reaction

We have all been to websites that are—for lack of a better term—a mess. Websites that just straight-up look bad the moment you land on them.

Disappointing, and troublesome. Because if your page looks, and acts, in a way that just isn’t at all visually appealing—from layout to color, to eye placement—you’re going to lose your user almost immediately. Even if they really want to be there in the first place. Users will make their decision on your US design literally within seconds, so make that good first impression with a design that is neat and trendy, but not overkill.

Always think about the first user view when building. Think about what you’d really like to see as someone who knew nothing about your work.

It Is Very Easy to Lose a UX Reputation

When someone comes to your website, the one you put all that effort into, it should be noted that they aren’t just going to lose respect for the web designer, they’re going to lose respect for your company.

People don’t know who built a website, and they don’t even really care. They want to be able to find online exactly what they were looking for, and be able to navigate it easily…and they should!

Don’t get caught up in fancy transitions, amazing coding tricks, or any weird scroll features. Just do what people want to see—an easy-to-navigate page.

They’re Not Going to Find Your Product

What are you building your website for? Sales? Knowledge? Forums?

No matter what you’re making the webpage for, UX is absolutely essential and should be a top priority. Because after all, what is the point of even HAVING a website, if no one can use it properly?

So often I see companies—looking at you, restaurants—that want to have the most intricate web design you could ever imagine. But why? New tricks mean a new learning curve, and if I am just trying to find an order button but instead have to dig through weird hamburger menus and hover elements, I’m gone.

Don’t let your design beat you.

We all talk about how important UX is, so why don’t we DO IT? Sure, I make mistakes when I design pages, I am not perfect, and I will do weird things that likely confuse a user. But you have to be able to think past these when possible.

Best course? When you first design, go nuts. Put in all of the elements that you think you may want to have, keeping in mind the audience and what they can handle. After that, do some testing. Have someone from your target audience try it out, and if they hate it – GOOD! Now it’s time to fix it.

Listen to feedback, think about what people would like to see, and don’t put in tricks that you yourself hate. Be your own toughest critic and you’ll be your own best boss.

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