How to Be the Best Creator You Can Be

So you’re a creator – neat! So am I, nice to meet you.

Somedays, I understand that being in this field can be, for lack of a better term, brutal. Stress, deadlines, edits. All of it compiled into one massive mess of anxiety and self-doubt. Trust me, I have been there.

That being said, there are ways to fight it, and be the best creator you can possibly be.

Know You’re Going to Fail—and be Okay With That

If you’re going into the creative field thinking that you’re never going to make a mistake, or that everything you do will be perfect—this field may not be for you. In fact, don’t be surprised if about 50% of your work is, well, garbage.

That’s okay!

There is no one on this planet that creates perfect work all the time, it’s an impossibility that isn’t worth chasing, and will drive you mad if you try. Instead, embrace the imperfections of what you do, know they will be there, and make them part of your story.

We all fail in this business, but it’s how we know we’re human. Art is imperfection.

Create What You’re Passionate About

Do you love fruit basket paintings? Or maybe quick YouTube shorts? Doesn’t matter, if you’re going to be the best creator you can, do what makes you happy.

Too many times I have heard of people who avoid a certain field, medium, or subject because of its unusual nature. Don’t do that!

If you develop what you’re truly passionate about, the good will come, and the happiness in your work will be quickly behind it.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Unusual

Going along with passion, don’t be afraid to be unique.

Too many times, I see designers falling into trends, or just creating things they think people want to see. Doing this just ignores what you’re truly trying to do, create work that is you. So don’t be afraid to be the trend.

Take a photo from a unique vantage point, work in a different color scheme, or add something to a webpage that no one else has seen before. You never know what unusual gold you will stumble across.

Just Keep Creating!

If there is anything I tell other people who like to be creative, it’s this: if you want to produce your best work, just keep creating!

Sure, you’re going to have those days when things just aren’t clicking, inspiration is depleted, and your energy just isn’t there. That’s okay. But remember to reset, and try again. Throw something onto a page, experiment, dig for inspiration. If you keep moving and keep creating, you’ll be able to smash through any slump you come across.

You’re an artist, a creator, a visionary—you can do this! Do what makes you happy, create pieces that bring you happiness, and be the best person you can be—to yourself and others.

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