New Tricks With Blending Mode

It was really late the other night, things were quiet, and I found myself where every Millennial usually does – the YouTube rabbit hole.

I have been following a whole slew of people who make videos showing detailed photoshop tutorials on this technique and this shadowing, blah blah. All of it was kind of going past me, as I really wasn’t in the mood to do some deep dive into a setting that I didn’t even know existed.

It wasn’t until I found this really short video where this guy was giving quick tips and simply said “remember, people forget about blank adjustment layers. Use them. Just throw on a blend and toy with it.”

It was so simple, that I had completely forgotten that you could, and should, even be doing this. So I instantly went to an old photo I took in San Diego – one that was close to being a throwaway – and revitalized it into this amazing shot, one that is now one of my personal favorites.

Don’t get caught up in the weeds. Sometimes the best edits come from the simplest adjustments. Just get creative!

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