A Portfolio For The Ages

It’s finally that time! Time to build out my portfolio on this website.

I will be the first to admit that, while I love creating and I love designing all sorts of work, one of my biggest weaknesses is actually figuring out how to show it off. I have completed numerous portfolios – some more successful than others – and each of them has been quite the experience to make!

When I first started out in this whole, creative field – I actually had to PRINT out all of my work. Finding glossy paper at the store, sometimes matte, only to go to the nearest print shop to get it all in my hands so I could shove it haphazardly into a nice binder to show off at an interview.

Those really were the days.

Now everything is digital, and I really am not too upset about that! So head over to my newest page, and check out everything I have worked on over the years.

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